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Main Features

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   Training Plan Editor

Use our pre-populated exercise library to create programmes for clients in less than 5 minutes

   Client Management

We provide all clients with an amazing recipe E-book (Over 100 recipes available), templates available for you to add more if needed.

   Member Community

All clients are added to an online support group where they can be given extra motivation from our in house PTs and like minded clients on the same journey.

   Online Payments

We provide all the admin and payment systems needed, all you do is watch the money come in.

   Members Dashboard

Monitor your clients progress with our weight tracker and progress section. Clients can add pics and comments for you to ensure they meet their goals.

   Programme Editor

Create a programme in less than 5 mins with our software which has 1000s of exercises to choose from.

Business Academy

Get access to our business academy, follow the steps to learn how to generate business online and also in your face to face business.

Client Retention

Get trained by the experts. We will run monthly webinars from the best people in the industry as part of our commitment to helping you grow.

It works on mobile too


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Meet the Personal Trainers

A range of our online trainers

37, Glasgow

“I’ve worked in the industry for 15 years and never seen anything like it”


21 Perth, Australia

“The business training academy is amazing, glad to have the support from the team”


24, Leeds

“We all help each other get clients”


28, Paisley

“The motivation is unreal, so glad I joined the team”